I am zerg!

How do you have a happy hatchday?



I’m not sure if I said that before, but I’m really really blessed that I’m able to attend so many events. I know a lot of people can’t because they don’t have any events in their area and due to that, I really want to share the things I get.

Probably nobody read that introduction anyways hahaha. Okay so here’s a list what you can win:

  • 1x Razer Marauder Starcraft II Gaming Keyboard
  • I won it during HSC IX and opened it, then realized it was not a mechanical keyboard. It’s not sealed anymore but brand new.
1x Roccat cap 1x Razer logo pin 1x WCS card of MMA, signed by him 1x WCS card of Apollo, signed by him 1x WCS card of INnoVation, signed by him 1x autograph of MMA during HSC IX 1x autograph of MKP/MarineKing during HSC VI 1x autograph of White-Ra during HSC VI 5x 2 random WCS cards 1x pair of Twitch cheering thingies (how the fuck do you call these?!)


  • Follow and reblog count as one entry. Liking is optional. No giveaways blogs etcetc, I’ll check.
  • Make sure your ask box is opened.
  • I will ship anywhere in the world. You must be comfortable giving me your address.
  • I will have to ship about at least 10 letters for all those items and I’m pretty broke at the moment. If you win the keyboard, I unfortunately have to ask you for that shipping costs via Paypal which is €4.10 for Germany, €8.90 for EU and €15.90 (~$20.85) for the rest of the world.

Giveaway ends at October 1 12:00 CET.

GLHF everyone!


there are people who do REAL THINGS with their lives and are still better than me at video games

Can y’all stop trying to buy Gnar, so I can buy Gnar?


party hats~


StarCraft II - Zergling


StarCraft II - Zergling

😛 hi ^^

😛 hi ^^

Plays SCII for the first time in a really long time, 

gets canon rushes,


Cries .